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Leaning Traveler Hawaii GPS App

LeaningTraveler Hawaii
GPS Adventure Travel Guide Map App

Hawaii GPS Map Travel Guide iPhone Android App
Step 1 - Download the App.
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Step 2 - Select from thousands of Hawaii adventures, activities, or hotels.
Hawaii Snorkeling GPS Map App iPhone Android
Step 3 - For example, under water sports we selected snorkeling.
Hawaii GPS map iPhone Android App travel guide
Step 4 - Scroll through a list and the GPS mapping distance of all snorkel locations in Hawaii near your current location. You can either map all adventure locations by clicking on the slider or select a snorkel location to receive turn-by-turn GPS map directions.
Hawaii GPS Travel Guide iPhone Android App
Step 5 - Use the slider located in the upper left hand corner to map the above list of snorkel spots or select an adventure from the list.
Hawaii GPS Travel Guide iPhone Android App
Step 6 - Here we have mapped (red push pins) all the snorkel locations in Maui, Hawaii and have selected the Black Rock snorkel push pin. Remember, you can do this with any of LeaningTraveler's thousands of adventures - map and receive turn-by-turn GPS map directions to adventures, activities, and hotels.
Hawaii GPS Travel Guide iPhone Android App
Step 7 - Follow the turn-by-turn GPS map directions to your adventure, activity, or hotel in Hawaii.
Hawaii GPS Travel Guide iPhone Android App
Step 8 - Adventure found with the LeaningTraveler Hawaii App!
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LeaningTraveler Hawaii - a Hawaii app for locals and tourist! LeaningTraveler Hawaii app is a GPS adventure travel guide map app that provides you with turn-by-turn GPS map directions to thousands of adventures, activities, and hotel locations in Hawaii. A must have app for anyone exploring Hawaii.

LeaningTraveler Hawaii is a fun interactive GPS adventure, travel, and activity app all rolled into one. The Hawaii app includes thousands - many FREE - easily searchable adventures, activities, points of interests and businesses located on the Hawaiian Islands of Hawaii, Kaui, Maui and Oahu.

Kauai Hiking Hanakapiai Hawaii
Hiking the Hamakapi'ai Beach trail in Kaui. The Hamakapi'ai Beach trail can be found in the LeaningTraveler Hawaii App. Search for all adventures, per adventure, or limit your search by miles around you. The Hawaii app also plots all adventures or just selected adventures onto a map then you can choose to receive turn-by-turn GPS map directions to the adventure, activity, or hotel. Use the app to plan your next adventure to Hawaii by saving adventures using the heart shaped favorite button.

Hawaii Hiking GPS Map Travel Guide iPhone Android App
Select your hiking level of difficulty with the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app. The LeaningTraveler Hawaii app can help you locate a Hawaii hiking adventure for your skill and adventure level!
Hiking Haleakala Maui Hawaii

Where did this hiking adventure in Hawaii take place? Click on the picture above to see more!

Hawaii Horseback Kualoa Ranch
Find horseback riding and other animal adventures with the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app. LeaningTraveler's engineer Drew Hill and staff writer Jenn Hill are enjoying a day at the Kualoa Ranch in Oahu. The Kualoa Ranch has been featured in the movie Jurassic Park and TV show Lost. Receiving turn-by-turn GPS mapping directions to the Kualoa Ranch is easy with the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app.

LeaningTraveler Hawaii GPS Map Wildlife App iPhone Android
The LeaningTraveler Hawaii app is unique in that you can locate where certain wildlife is and receive GPS map directions.

LeaningTraveler Hawaii GPS Map Turtle App iPhone Android
Press the turtles adventure button under nature on the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app to have a good chance of spotting turtles and other wildlife while in Hawaii. This turtle was photographed by LeaningTraveler founder Michael Burr after a good surfing session at Puaena Point. "Not only were there turtles on the beach, but there were numerous turtles in the ocean that day while surfing. It was very surreal to be surround by such beautiful wildlife" said Michael.

LeaningTraveler Hawaii Surfing App iphone
LeaningTravel Hawaii app for iPhone maps virtually all surfing locations based on difficulty level. We have included stores where you can buy or rent surfing gear and supplies.

Hawaii Surfing iPhone App
The LeaningTraveler Hawaii app will help you locate and provide turn-by-turn GPS map directions to surfing locations based on difficulty. A trip to Hawaii is not complete without surfing the majestic waves of Hawaii and taking in the abundant wildlife such as turtles that will be paddling right along side of you. Our app can help all skill levels find a surf break that will turn a good Hawaii trip into one of the most memorable one by renting a board and riding a wave.

Hawaii Kayaking iPhone App
A kayaking adventure awaits you in Hawaii. Use the Leaning Traveler Hawaii app for iPhone to find kayaking locations based on your adventure level. We have included places to rent kayaks, that provide kayak tours, and sell kayak gear.

Hawaii Kayaking Travel Guide
One of the nicest kayaking spots in Hawaii is located off of Lanikai Beach. You can find this location by using the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app for iPhone. LeaningTraveler staff ranks this as one of the best beaches in Oahu. Break away from the crowds of Waikiki and spend the day at Lanikai Beach kayaking, swimming, or relaxing.

Hawaii Kauai Beaches Tunnels
The LeaningTraveler staff ranks Tunnels Beach in Kaui as a must see for scenery, relaxation, and one of the best snorkeling spots in Hawaii if you venture out at low tide. We have personally seen many turtles in the water here and a monk seal resting on the beach. The landscape surrounding tunnels has to be one of the most beautiful uncrowded spots in Hawaii. Use the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app to find this location. Please be respectful of the coral by not walk on it while entering the water.

Beaches Hawaii iPhone GPS Map App
Turn-by-turn directions to the Tunnels Beach are available by the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app for iPhone. Just make sure you arrive early, there is limited parking for one of Hawaii's top beaches and snorkel spots.

Hawaii Kauai Mountain Biking Map GPS App iPhone
Hawaii is home to some of the best scenic mountain biking in the world. We spent the day mountain biking old sugar cane roads in Kauai. Intermediate and expert trails branch off from the main sugar cane road. It is here where a smile will sparkle across your face as you ride down curvy shaded trails to exit to Kauai's beautiful coastline. Take a moment to at the end of each trail and take in the breathtaking coastline. Most likely you will have it all to yourself. A truly zen moment can be had here. LeaningTraveler highly recommends renting a mountain bike and riding the Kapaa Bike Path until the end. At the end of the Kapaa Bike Path, ride onto old sugar can roads. Here you can put your mountain bike skills to test on many intermediate and expert mountain bike paths. Wear a helmet, bring, water, and a snack. It is going to be a fun mountain biking adventure in Hawaii. Use the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app to locate these sugar cane trails and Kapaa Bike Path in Kauai.

LeaningTraveler Hawaii Mountain Biking App Map iPhone
Explore different mountain biking trails based off of your skill and adventure level with the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app for iPhone. The shopping button can help you find a mountain biking shop to rent a mountain bike for the day or pick up mountain biking supplies for your adventures.

Hawaii Mountain Biking Travel Guide
LeaningTraveler staff mapped the sugar cane road points of interests in Kauai via mountain bike. This is a must do adventure while traveling in Kauai. With the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app you can receive GPS map directions to mountain biking locations along the cane road.

Hawaii Bicycling Map GPS App iPhone
Explore Hawaii's landscape by bicycle. Here a bicyclist takes a break to admire a waterfall along the Road to Hana. The roads in Maui are prime to ride a bicycle. From the beginner Haleakala road to the more advanced West Loop and Road to Hana, Hawaii should keep all bicyclist skill levels busy adventuring. Use the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app to find the best starting points and what skill level is needed for each bicycling adventure.

Hawaii Bicycling App iPhone
The LeanTraveler Hawaii app helps you determine which bicycle route is best for your skill and adventure level. There is a bicycling shopping button which shows you locations of bike rentals, gear, and supplies in Hawaii.

Hawaii Travel Guide Beaches iPhone App
When you need a break from adventuring around Hawaii, then seek out a secluded beach with the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app. We have added a romantic section to the app which can help you locate secluded beaches, wineries, scenic overlooks, a sunset boat cruise, and romantic parks.
Hawaii Travel Guide Beaches iPhone App
Use the romantic button in the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app to find secluded beaches, scenic overlooks, a sunset boat cruise, romantic parks, and wineries.
Road to Hana Hawaii Travel Guide
Use the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app to Receive turn-by-turn GPS map directions to the Road to Hana (also hiking trails, surfing spots, parks, and more along the Road to Hana).

Scenic Drives Hawaii App iphone Travel Guide
Travel the Road to Hana with the LeaningTraveler Hawaii GPS map iPhone app travel guide.Receive turn-by-turn GPS map directions to the Road to Hana and many other adventures along your route.

Scenic Drives Roads Hawaii Travel Guide
When it comes to scenic roads in Hawaii, the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app has you covered for miles - literally. LeaningTraveler Hawaii app provides you with turn-by-turn GPS map directions to the start of all the major scenic drives and some local ones not in guide books. We have also added many points of interest along these scenic drives to help you have an amazing scenic drive adventure in Hawaii.

Scenic Drives Roads Maui Travel Guide
Hawaii has some of the most scenic roads in world. You can discover these scenic roads by using the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app. Here we took a break on one of our scenic road drive adventures to enjoy the mountain backdrops that Maui has to offer.

Scenic Drives Roads Oahu Travel Guide
Each Hawaiin island has something spectacular to offer the eyes. Scenic drives are a must do adventure while visiting Oahu. Break away from the hustle and bustle of Waikiki and venture out past the North Shore. Here you will discover the Hidden Beach, Secluded Cove, and many other adventures. The LeaningTraveler app will give you turn-by-turn directions to these adventures. Just make sure you have a SUV and drive slow for this adventure!

Scenic roads and adventure await you in Kauai. We have added some amazing scenic road point of interests from Kauai to the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app. Kauai is a must see if your adventurous spirit is calling.

LeaningTraveler Hawaii GPS Map App iPhone iPad
We have only displayed a few of the adventures that you can have using the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app. This app has something for everyone - surfer, hiker, romantic, shopper, motor head, beach goer, snorkeler, and more! Download it today and be prepared to have an adventure!

What makes the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app different from other Hawaii apps or guide books?

LeaningTraveler has categorized thousands of adventures by difficulty of beginner, intermediate, advance, & extreme -

  • Hiking
  • Road bicycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking

LeaningTraveler Hawaii app has also mapped these adventure locations

  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  • Diving
  • Volcanoes
  • Horseback Riding
  • ATV tours
  • Fishing
  • Wind Surfing & more!

Romantic -

  • Secluded Beaches
  • Scenic Overlooks
  • Wineries
  • Romantic Parks
  • Sunset Boat Cruises

Family -

  • Beaches
  • Beginner Hiking
  • Zoos
  • Local Parks
  • Sailing
  • Game Preserves
  • Aquariums and more!

For the historian in you, we have added hundreds of cultural and historical locations. You will not find a more comprehensive list in any other Hawaii app or book

  • Museums
  • Architecture
  • Historical Houses
  • Ruins

For the nature lover, we added a section in the LeaningTraveler Hawaii app that allows you to locate, map, and receive turn-by-turn GPS map directions to -

  • Waterfalls
  • Volcanoes
  • Game Preserve
  • National Parks
  • Birds
  • Horseback Riding
  • Dolphins
  • Crocodiles
  • Elephants
  • Horseback Riding
  • Dolphins
  • Monkeys
  • Turtles
  • Zoo
  • Elephants & more!

When all your adventuring has left you spent, then click on the Relax icon and find some rest and relxation at -

  • Spas
  • Cafes
  • Movie Theaters
  • Winery and Rum tasting rooms
  • Romantic locations such as secluded beaches

  • Mahalo and keep adventuring!